We truly believe this program has the combinations of all of the best programs and we have brought it all together into one program. The idea for this program came from struggling with our own breeding program on how to best breed our own mares and wanting to stand a stallion, we liked certain stallions and wanted to breed to them but they weren't in these big incentives. We as breeders still chose to breed to them anyway because we felt it would create a quality foal, now with this program it opens up the doors to breed to what we feel works best in our program regardless of what a stallion may be in or can afford to be apart of and we as a breeder can still compete at large amounts of money. 
As our Event is Striving to be the best, We have felt fortunate enough to Team up with the Best, Who have the records and history of Producing top quality events. The Diamond Classic Event and co sanctioned events will be ran and organized by Julie Herman. Julie is currently the WPRA Wilderness Circuit Director and has been overseeing the circuit for over 11 years. Julie has also served on several Barrel Racing organizations and boards and has helped the Wilderness Circuit WIN Rodeo of the Year and Best Ground Awards numerous times. She can and will produce a top quality event and we are excited to have her overseeing The Diamond Classic. Julie has the record and ability to make The Diamond Classic a Top Barrel Racing Event.

Julie Herman 
1 (801)548-4797

Just To Restate the Reasons why this is a program you shouldn't miss out on.
  • The Diamond Classic is modeled after several Nomination Programs such as The Pink Buckle, The Ruby Buckle, Futures Fortunes and The BFA Superstakes Slot Holders race. These programs have completely changed the Equine industry, and  these programs now dominate the markets.
  • This Program will be priced similar to the SuperStakes at the BFA, but unlike the superstakes all of your breeding program can compete and we will have money across the country throughout the year to continue to compete for Similar to Future Fortunes.
  • We have already seen the breeding market in the Barrel World shift to these types of programs and have seen huge increases in Event payouts.
  • Our Goal is to Create a similar model to these Incentives with a Breeders cap of only 150. We believe that caping this program at 150  Breeders is the most affective way to Not only pay out a lot of money to competitors, but to also make it financially smart for Breeders to make back their Nomination fees back through; Foal sales, Nomination pay backs ($50 payback on all nominations) 
  • Race entry Pay Backs,
  • Win payouts 30% paid to nominated breeders,
  • Owner payouts 70% paid to owners
  • increased foal values similar incentives have seen 15% and upwards in increased value,
  • and a  Limited Breeders Slot Auction.
  • We feel that this program can work along side the other nomination programs because unlike any of the other current Program this is NOT just stallion driven this program is based off the farm and their ENTIRE operation. we feel this program will help protect the genetics of our industry and allow for diversity and for breeders to pick and stand stallions that will help their programs the most. along with being a nominated breeder you and only nominated breeders may buy ANY horse and nominate it to The Diamond Classic when you are the listed owner regardless if you're the listed breeder and then that horse will be eligible to compete as long as it has paid its 1 time nomination dues. this way your breeding program may purchase horses you feel will enhance your programs.
  • We think a lot of Stallion owners in the barrel industry were skeptical of these type of programs and chose to opt out but now see the proof of concept working and this secondary program is designed to give Breeders a second chance at entering into a limited program. we also feel there are some younger up and coming stallions that may not have had the opportunity in the initial creation of these incentives now have the opportunity to breed into your program and still run at big money regardless if the stallion owner was or is able to put their stallion in an incentive.
  • We think even if you are a stallion owner/breeder of any size program this incentive will be beneficial to your program. you may have several stallions or just one stallion or a young stallion that doesn't breed many outside mares yet this program allows for you to breed and work on your program but also compete or nominate anything else that is apart of your breeding program along the way. This program also allows for you as a stallion owner to nominate all of your stallions you own and any other horses your farm owns or breeds
  • We Want The Diamond Classic to help all areas of the Barrel industry and we are committed to making this a beneficial program for the Breeders and competitors.