We truly believe this program has the combinations of all of the best programs and we have brought it all together into one program. The idea for this program came from struggling with our own breeding program on how to best breed our own mares and wanting to stand a stallion, we liked certain stallions and wanted to breed to them but they weren't in these big incentives. We as breeders still chose to breed to them anyway because we felt it would create a quality foal, now with this program it opens up the doors to breed to what we feel works best in our program regardless of what a stallion may be in or can afford to be apart of and we as a breeder can still compete at large amounts of money. 
As our Event is Striving to be the best, We have felt fortunate enough to Team up with the Best, Who have the records and history of Producing top quality events. The Diamond Classic Event and co sanctioned events will be ran and organized by Julie Herman. Julie is currently the WPRA Wilderness Circuit Director and has been overseeing the circuit for over 11 years. Julie has also served on several Barrel Racing organizations and boards and has helped the Wilderness Circuit WIN Rodeo of the Year and Best Ground Awards numerous times. She can and will produce a top quality event and we are excited to have her overseeing The Diamond Classic. Julie has the record and ability to make The Diamond Classic a Top Barrel Racing Organization.

Julie Herman 
1 (801)548-4797